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Bentley Christie


Quite some time ago I decided to start up a blog here at BentleyChristie.com, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t something I wanted to free up time to work on.
I eventually decided to resurrect the idea, but this time without the blog component (although I may set another one up at some point). I’ve been wanting to create a central hub of sorts – a place people can come and learn a little more about me and what I am up to.

During the past 8+ years I have been deeply immersed (and involved) in the world of online marketing. What started as an exploration of different ways to earn a living independent of the typical ‘9 to 5’ grind, has gradually turned into a dedicated focus on the development of websites (and business ventures) in areas that I’m passionate about. One of my major passions in life happens to be waste management – specifically, composting.

Below, I’ve listed my main websites in this area. Red Worm Composting, in particular, has become my main online “home”.
I have quite a few related projects (websites and products) in the planning and development stages right now, and will certainly add more details about those in coming months.

Red Worm Composting

Red Worm Composting is a site solely focused on my favourite “hobby” (has actually become much more than that) – vermicomposting. Yes, I am in fact that cool! (haha) Aside from always having had a fascination with contained ecosystems (aquariums, terrariums etc), I just love the idea of converting ‘waste’ materials into something incredibly useful. As I’ve witnessed firsthand, worm compost truly lives up to its nickname, “black gold” – a small handful of this stuff mixed in regular soil will do wonders for your plants.
I’m hopeful that by sharing my passion and enthusiasm for worm composting, I will help inspire others to get involved. Composting is great for your garden, it’s great for the environment, and it’s really a lot of fun. (honest!)

Compost Guy

Compost Guy is centered loosely around the topic of composting (no surprises there), but is also intended to cover a variety of other ‘eco’ topics I’m interested in. For the most part I am sticking with the theme – ‘turning wastes into resources’ – but I will also certainly be getting into gardening and related themes as well. Waste management (organic waste management in particular) is a field I’ve been very interested in for quite some time, so this site will provide me with the opportunity to share that passion with the world! Something I’ve been having a lot of fun with in particular is my Winter Composting Extravaganza – an attempt to keep an outdoor compost bin active all winter long! In winter of 2008/09, the ‘Extravaganza’ moved to Red Worm Composting, and I built an entirely new winter worm bed – one that performed extremely well, I might add!

Worm Composting Canada

Worm Composting Canada is a site I created in order to showcase my ‘real world’ vermicomposting business (Green Waste Solutions), started in Spring of 2008. I was definitely flying by the seat of my pants when I first decided to get into the ‘worm biz’, but looking back I am definitely glad I went for it, since it’s been a really rewarding experience.
My main focus has been selling composting worms (namely Red Worms – Eisenia fetida) and supplies locally (Waterloo Region, Ontario), but I have also been shipping worms as well.

A little more about me…